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When I was planning my wedding over 10 years ago, it came to picking the photographer, and there were so much choice and so many different styles. I knew I wanted great photography, but I also wanted to know a little bit about the person photographing my wedding, which inspired me to write about… me!

I started my journey as a wedding photographer back in 2015 where I actually took a training course with my wedding photographer, keen to learn the skills and the craft. I loved it from the start and I have never looked back. I usally have a camera to hand which causes my children mainly to pull funny faces now when they see it.

This portrait of me was actually taken at Hazlewood Castle on a photography development course. I ensure that I am up to date on the latest skills and techniques, this helps me keep at the top of my game and ensure that I capture the best shots on your wedding day. You can pick from so many wedding photographer but you want someone who is constantly developing like myself. 

When I have some free time, I enjoy watching a movie (usually Star Wars or superhero related) but I also love strategy games, and I think it helps me plan and manages my time which is only a good thing when running a photography business. Taking time out with my family is important and helps me to rest and relax so I am ready for the next wedding or photoshoot. We spend time walking through the countryside or around an old English Heritage castle; it is much more acceptable to have sword fights now I have two little girls to duel with.

Talking about family, mine are brilliant and they are the ones who I work hard for. My wife, Lauren and our two daughters. Lauren is supportive and a person who isn’t afraid to tell me the truth; this pushes me on and helps me strive to be the best I can be. 

So there is a little about me, so why not come and tell me about you both and chat about your wedding plans over a cuppa, I love hearing each couples ideas and plans that make every single wedding special. If you want me to tell the unique love story of your wedding day, please do get in touch.

One of my joys is when I get to take some time out and do some landscape photography, whether that be in the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales or round the North Yorkshire coast. I’ve actually brought some of my landscape skills to wedding days and so that in itself has improved me as a photographer. You can see some of my photos below. You can view my etsy page for prints of my favourite photos:

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