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Thank you for visiting my website, my name is Abraham, I love weddings and this page is dedicated to telling you about why you should choose me to photograph your wedding in North Yorkshire. Whether if it is York, Harrogate, Scarborough, Whitby or Ripley, I can capture all the joy and emotion of your wedding day and price memories that bring you back to your big day, year after year.

Are you looking for a North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer?

You can almost hear the bells ringing – your wedding day is coming up! Congratulations to you on your engagement and I hope the planning is going well. As you’re deciding on every detail from the florist to the caterer, don’t overlook the importance of the North Yorkshire wedding photographer that you choose. If you are looking for a photographer who captures some beautiful and unique photos of your wedding day then you can choose me as your North Yorkshire wedding photographer. Read on to find out more.

Why would you hire a North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer?

Your wedding photographer is going to be the most powerful thing that helps you remember your wedding in the coming years. This is why you want to choose carefully, a friend or someone without a consistent style could be the wrong choice and this could be one of the only tangible reminders of your wedding day. So choosing your wedding photographer is so important.

As wedding photographer, we carefully tell the story of your wedding day and capture all the memorable moments so that 10, 20, 50 years down the road you should be able to look back on the amazing memories and feel the same level of love and joy you felt on your wedding day. This is my job which I love and so I can capture your wedding day allowing you to treasure the memories for a lifetime.

How to Choose the Right Photographer

So how do you choose the right wedding photographer? It all starts with their portfolio. A photographer’s portfolio highlights professional images they’ve taken in the past that they’re proud of. You should be able to look through a portfolio to see whether you like the style of images and how good the photographer is.

If their portfolio doesn’t have a lot of the wedding photographs you like, then perhaps they’re not the right fit for you. Taking photos of a wedding or event can’t be compared to any other style of photography. To choose the right option, you need to ensure they are specifically a wedding photographer. You are still here so you must love my photography, so let’s chat about your wedding.

Additionally, try to find someone that has passion and cares. At Abraham Photography, I love wedding and all the joy and emotion that they bring. It is an absolute delight to photograph a couple’s wedding day and I love to do it in a way that helps you look back on your wedding and reminisce. I love weddings and I love photography, so this career was a perfect choice for me. As a passionate photographer I know what to look for, how to capture the right moments, and how to have ensure you are relaxed and enjoy your wedding day.

Make sure your photographer has the right equipment. If they show up with a single camera and lens, then they probably aren’t ready for a full day’s worth of wedding photography. You would be surprised to learn how many different cameras, lenses, and tools I have in my bag at any given time. I’m a bit of a gadget guy and that allows me capture some exciting and creative photos. 

You want to find someone you connect with as a couple. You don’t want an emotionless annoying photographer that puts a damper on your whole event. This might not seem like a big deal, but it’s not something you want to deal with on your wedding day.

The bottom line is you need to pick someone who’s fun to be around but also incredible behind a camera. That’s what you get when you go with me. I’m here to enhance your special day and capture every moment. Find out some reasons why you should choose me.

What to Expect From Abraham Photography

A lot of people don’t know what they’re getting into when they choose wedding photographers. Lucky for you, I’m going to tell you exactly what you get if you book me.

You get a photographer who loves what he does. I couldn’t be happier about my career choice and it shows in every picture that I take. I can blend into the background while I’m taking pictures and I never get in the way of your special day. That doesn’t mean that I’m not making people smile and feel relaxed!

I’ll show up with various cameras and a bag filled with accessories and use different equipment for different moods and photographs.

After my work is done, I’ll edit your photos producing an amazing timeline that will really tell the story of your wedding day, this will be displayed for you to view in a gallery and you can choose the photos you want for you beautiful handcrafted Italian storybook wedding album that really allows you to treasure your North Yorkshire Wedding. As far as the subject of the photos, you can expect:

Fun and natural Couples photos

Group shots

Candids shots of you and your guests

All the details and venues shots

Evening celebrations photos

I’ll be there 2 to 3 hours before the ceremony to capture the bridal preparation and all the details, through to the evening, where dependant on the package you choose, I can capture all the special events and dancing or just the first dance with you as a couple.

What Does the Schedule Look Like for Abraham Photography?

I always like to show up 2 or 3 hours early to get started. I usually show up earlier to get gorgeous landscape shots of the wedding venues.

During this time, I’ll get to know the people in your party. I’ll learn their personalities so the pictures I take can capture who they really are. I’ll take pictures as everyone’s getting ready, and from there I’ll capture every sequence of events.

If you have any big surprises planned, please let me know ahead of time and I’ll make sure my positioning is right. I’ll stay throughout the wedding, the reception, and for any after-party that might be happening. I am there for you, to capture your day. So if you want a photo with a friend, just give me a shout.

The Style of My Photos

If you didn’t know, photographers use different styles for the photos they take. For my wedding photographs, I ensure that my style is consistent. My photography is contemporary natural and creative. This helps me to tell the full story of your wedding day without getting in the way. I am creative and love to try new things and capture those WOW moments with my special flash techniques that are used for my twilight photography. All this means that every laugh, smile, tear, “I love you”, and dance move will be eternalised with the photos I take. 

I absolutely love black and white photos and feel that they can give a great boost to your wedding photography gallery. You can expect plenty of black and white photos in the final gallery that you receive.

Below is a gallery of my photos so you can see my consistent style.

Different Wedding Photography Packages

I understand that every couple has different requests for wedding photographers. With that in mind, I put together a number of different packages that you can choose from. You can find more details on the package page of my website. I can be at your wedding for as long as you need to ensure I capture all the moments and special events..

Each full day wedding package comes with a beautiful handcrafted Italian storybook wedding album which really tells the story of your wedding day. You also have the option for one or two photographers, parent albums, coverage throughout the evening and twilight photography.

I put a lot of attention into making a comprehensive list of packages. No matter what you’re looking for, I’m sure you’ll find a package that accommodates your needs! However if you want to add items à la carte , you can do that by adding it to your quote.

If there’s anything you don’t see on my list, just talk to me personally and I’ll see if I can help.

What About Engagement Photos?

f you’re looking for an engagement photographer, I can help. I love to take you as a couple to a location of your choice and capture your love for one another in a natural and fun way. If you’re looking to pop the question or you want to show off that night diamond, give me a call or drop me an email. View my blog on why you should have an engagement photoshoot.

How Long Before I Get My Photos?

I know that you’re going to be really eager to get your photos back. Not to worry, I expedite the process to get the photos to you. It takes a little bit of time to sort through the photos and get rid of pictures where people are blinking that you don’t want to see. Additionally, I fully edit each picture to ensure my style remains consistent. With that being said, you can expect to see your photos within 3 to 4 weeks of your wedding but it can usually be faster than that.

Remember, you can’t rush perfection!

Why Choose Abraham Photography?

The simple truth is that I love photography as much as I love weddings. Behind the camera, I have a ton of experience and knowledge that you won’t find from other people. I come with all the equipment I need to capture your day, and I take a lot of pride in what I do.

My rates are competitive and I’m a really reliable guy. I’ll be there early and you won’t have to worry about the photographer getting in the way on your big day.

You only have one opportunity to pick the right photographer for your wedding day. There’s no way to redo it if you pick the wrong person. For the best results, you need Abraham Photography.

You view some more reason why you should choose me as your wedding photographer in my blog below…

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If you’re planning a North Yorkshire wedding, do get in contact so we can have a chat about your wedding day. We can discuss what you are looking for in a wedding photographer and chat about how I can capture the story of your wedding day providing you with memories that will last a lifetime. I can cover weddings across the whole country of Yorkshire and beyond. 

Contact me and I’ll send you my wedding brochure to see more about why you should choose me as your wedding Photographer.