A Bride’s Review of Abraham Photography

A Bride's Review of Abraham Photography

On my website I provide you with a lot of information about me as a Yorkshire photographer based in Hull, my style and how I will capture the story of your wedding day. However sometime you need to hear from a bride about her wedding day and how I fitted into that. You will read from Charlotte’s account below that it doesn’t matter whether your wedding day goes to plan or there are some hitches, my job remains the same and that is capturing your love as a couple and providing you with memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Here is Charlotte’s story in her own words…

For years I have been that person who takes photos of everything and everyone. Every visit to London or someplace new I would fill my phone (or SD card before that, or film if we want to go back a bit further) with photos of all the wonderful famous landmarks. Photos have always reminded me of the moment they were taken, the feelings, the conversation, and the people, everything about that moment preserved for life.

When it came to plan our wedding day, I knew that I would not only want a quite a lot of photos, but I would want to be able to see the memories of the day for years to come. Thankfully my husband also knew I would want this and was on board from the start. Capturing a memory is a talent, when you take a photo yourself it’s easy to remember how you felt and what you were doing at the time. For someone else to do this on your behalf is a big ask, especially on the biggest day of your life is not something everyone is able to do.

Thankfully for us, we had seen some of Abraham’s photos already and knew he was the man for the job! It’s a good job we did too as our wedding day didn’t go exactly to plan.

To say I was nervous is a bit of an understatement, the entire church could hear me breathing it was that loud, husband to be had to hold me up at the front and I made a brief departure at one point due to the overwhelming nausea and fear of being sick in front of all those people. And yet, looking back at our wedding photos you would never ever know. That’s not to say that the photos didn’t capture the truth of the moment, because they certainly did, but thankfully for me he caught the instances where I was showing the joy I felt rather than the complete and utter fear.

Abraham took his time to speak to us, check I was ok with each shot, stopped when it was too much, made me relax through conversation and humour. He made a freezing cold day with intermittent rain work for us and all our photos. He managed to capture the laughter and delight during our ceilidh and the precious moments shared in our speeches.

I have mixed emotions when I look back upon my wedding day. On one hand it began a life with my husband, where we took vows in front of our friends, family and God and declared to spend the rest of our lives together. On the other hand I recall being terrified that I would be terribly sick in front of our loved ones and, perhaps more embarrassingly, down my beautiful dress! Yet, as I walk up and down my stairs each day, or enter my living room, sit down at my desk or even look at my phone I see none of the fear. The photos Abraham captured to to mark the day fill me with gladness each time I see them, because that’s what I see in them. I see love, between my husband and I. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but I’m not sure that is true. Our pictures say just three, they say the words we hold most dear, they say “I love you” between my husband and myself. Now that’s something special that my selfies don’t manage!

Our house is quickly becoming scattered with photographs marking particular milestones in the life of our family, all taken by Abraham. He has taken our wedding photos and last year took photos to capture the bump of our first child, and will be tasked with capturing images of our beautiful baby boy once lockdown is over. I can honestly say the images we have are some of our most treasured possessions capturing some of my favourite memories.

It takes someone truly special to capture a memory, and I can say that Abraham is that someone.

Thank you Charlotte. Hopefully that gives you a sense of what I am like on a wedding day and and how much I give out to ensure my couples enjoy their day and feel relaxed allowing me to capture all the treaured memories. If you want to find out more about me as a Yorkshire and Hull wedding photographer, click here or click below to view my wedding photography packages.

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