What is Candid Wedding Photography?

What is Candid Wedding Photography?

Photography is an important part of any wedding day, as it captures precious moments that will become cherished memories for years to come. As we have explored in previous blog posts, there are various wedding photography styles that you can choose from for your big day, ranging from traditional to natural and documentary. A good wedding photographer will have their own style and artistic vision; however, most will use a combination of styles to capture key moments of a wedding day.

For example, your photographer might choose a traditional style for family portraits, but a more casual, relaxed style for the evening reception or the speeches to capture certain emotions such as a burst of laughter or tears of joy.

This post will explore the benefits of candid or documentary photography and the many benefits it adds to your overall wedding photography experience. As a Hull Wedding Photographer, I love using candid photography at all my weddings, as I’ll tell you a little more about that later.

So, what is candid wedding photography?

Candid photography is sometimes also known as documentary or natural photography. This style is based on capturing those special little moments that happen during the wedding day that you might overlook. You want to be sure that your East Yorkshire Wedding Photographer will make sure they capture all the funny, happy, touching, and special moments that happen spontaneously so that you can look back and remember all the little details.

When we look at a treasured photograph, it is like we are transported back to that moment so we can relieve the joy and happiness we felt when your photographer took the picture. Having gorgeous candid wedding photographs to look back on will remind you how special and amazing your day was. You will be able to remember how you felt during the speeches when the bride’s father was proudly talking about his little girl being all grown up now or all the funny moments that happen when the DJ started playing. These are the kinds of memories that will last a lifetime, so what better way to remember them than by looking at your selection of candid wedding photos?

I love Candid Wedding Photography

As a North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, I Personally love candid photography and will spend about 80% of my time capturing all the natural and spontaneous moments on a wedding day. I offer different packages to suit your wedding day needs, from the Bronze half-day package to my Diamond package, which includes photography from the bridal prep sessions in the morning, all the way into the evening celebrations and a twilight style photography session as well. All my packages are suitable for documenting the love story of your wedding day.

Even if your budget is quite tight, I would advise you to chat with your photographer about candid photography and encourage them to take as many natural pictures as they can. If you have any questions about any of my packages or about how I include candid photography in my wedding day routine, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me today! We can chat about your wedding in detail over a cuppa in my studio.

Photographing your day in a natural way

One important thing to consider if, like me, you love candid photography is getting a second photographer to help on the wedding day. This is hugely beneficial, especially if you have a larger number of guests or a busy wedding day schedule. That way, your main photographer can focus on the bridal party and the happy couple, while the second photographer can focus on the guests, venue and all the other details.

Another benefit is that two photographers can capture significantly more pictures and angles, which means you will likely get the best possible photos of your wedding day. With two photographers, you can have ideal coverage of everything that is happening on the day and make sure that no key moment is missed. I offer two packages that cover a full day and include a second photographer; however, I offer the second photographer an add-on feature to some of my other packages, so feel free to get in touch and inquire about that well.

Real, honest, natural pictures

In conclusion, I think candid wedding photography should be a major part of any photographer’s repertoire because a picture is worth a thousand words – what better way to remember how special your wedding day was than by looking back through photos of people dancing, laughing, and celebrating the most important day of your life?

Personally, I love taking real, honest, and natural pictures of people and capture their emotions in that exact moment – a moment you can remember and relive over and over again for years to come. That is what photography is all about, and it is something I am personally very passionate about.

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