How to choose the best Yorkshire Wedding Photographer?

How to choose the best Yorkshire Wedding Photographer?

If you are wondering how to choose the best wedding photographer, the following tips will help. This is written from my perspective as a Yorkshire wedding photographer based in East Yorkshire and serving the whole of Yorkshire and beyond. 

Are you planning a Yorkshire Wedding?

Many Yorkshire wedding photographers claim to be good at wedding photography but miss the mark when it comes to capturing those special moments. You want a Yorkshire wedding photographer who can capture both your style and grace on your wedding day.

A good wedding photography shoot should be balanced between fun and reverent with both candid and posed photos throughout. You want to catch the mischievous twinkle in the eye of the groom, while capturing the personality of the bride, or the proud father seeing his daughter for the first time or the relatives getting a group photo with the couple. Every special moment has a memory and every memory captured by the camera will be a cherished photograph the couple can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Explore Their Portfolio

The first place to start when looking for a good wedding photographer in Yorkshire is their portfolio. My portfolio is full of wedding photos he has captured at many local wedding venues, from Leeds to Hull and up to York and most of the surrounding communities. My portfolio is a mix of different styles of photography that embody the true celebration of a couple sharing their love with their family and friends.

From the wedding party photos to those of the guests, each image should tell a part of the story. The couple’s story does not begin on the weekend of their Yorkshire wedding. It is a combination of every special moment they have shared. When you browse through my photos, I hope you’ll see how many moments you can find that holds a piece of the puzzle that tells the story of the couple. See if you can imagine what is happening in each of these photos and how that could be for your wedding day.

Yorkshire Wedding Venues

Your North Yorkshire wedding photographer can help you find many of the most popular wedding venues in York, Helmsley, Malton, and Whitby. If your preference is to use an East Yorkshire wedding photographer, they can help you find amazing venues in Hull, Beverley, Bishop Burton, or Driffield.

The best idea is to search for a wedding photographer like myself, who has worked throughout the North Yorkshire area and beyond and has a list of venues that are familiar with his wedding photography.

  • Rudding Park – Located in Harrogate; Rudding Park offers an award-winning experience for couples who want a wedding day steeped in luxury and beauty

  • Middleton Lodge – Located in Richmond; Middleton Lodge has beautiful gardens and a simple, laid-back atmosphere

  • Goldsborough Hall – Located in Knaresborough; subtle charm and style reminiscent of a country manor

  • Hull Minster – Located in Hull; full of culture and tradition blended with its lovely architecture and old-world style

  • Ripley Castle – Located in Harrogate; one of the most beautiful and historic landmarks in Yorkshire

  • Oaklands Wedding Venue – Located in Norwich; close to the beaches along the Norfolk Coast and the home of the most well-maintained gardens in the area

  • Dunedin Country House – Located in East Riding; explore Dunedin to find its best-kept secret

Many of these Yorkshire wedding venues are places where I feel at home when covering a wedding as a photographer. I have built working relationships with many venues throughout the UK that know his work ethic and strive to help him achieve his goal of creating works of art from the images he captures.

Check Wedding Photography Social Media Accounts

One of the best ways to get a good idea about who your photographer really is will involve taking a close look at their Instagram and Facebook accounts. How many followers do they have? Are they active? Most good photographers in the York, Hull, Leeds, and Harrogate areas showcase their images on social media as a way of showing not only pride in their work, but also love for their community.

Social media platforms allow them to interact with their past as well as future clients. They gain new ideas and the inspiration they need to be creative with their camera and get the best shot. Abraham is no different. He gets a chance to explore what his clients are looking for. With his eye for style and balance, he can see images and turn them into beautiful works of art that the bride and groom will enjoy for years to come.


Look at the Reviews Left By Previous Clients

A good photographer in Yorkshire and throughout the UK will post all of their reviews for future clients to read. Whether on social media or on their website, reviews will allow the clients to tell the story about how the photographer feels about his work. A couple can sense the passion a wedding photographer has for his work by how he acts during the wedding and at the celebration afterwards.

Prices, Packages, and Perks

As you explore your options, keep your budget in mind. Compare the prices of each package that is offered. Many photographers will throw in a few perks on the side, like candid images of the guests. You also have the option to purchase prints and handmade beautiful Italian storybook wedding photo albums.

Not everyone will want the big elaborate wedding at the most beautiful castle in York. Some may prefer the simplest of celebrations in the garden of a small country home. When you choose the right photographer, either location will provide you with the most beautiful photos

Find a Yorkshire Photography Studio

If you can, look for a studio that is local to Yorkshire. I am based in the Yorkshire area and am comfortable working in the studio or on location at your wedding venue or favourite spot for a pre-wedding shoot. No matter what location or wedding venue you choose, you will receive the same quality photos from every shoot. Being photographed may be uncomfortable for some, but I like to make everyone comfortable.

My studio is designed to be both comfortable and calming. It is a place for a wedding consultation as well as for portraits. By being local to the Yorkshire area, I know all of the most popular landmarks and historic places to use for backdrops in his photographs.

A Good Yorkshire Wedding Photographer Blog

Look for a good wedding photography blog. You can tell a lot about a wedding photographer by the blogs they post and the photographs they display. I offer the answers to many clients’ most frequently asked questions in my blog. I discuss the creative process and what it takes to get the highest quality photos, both posed and candid. Reading a good wedding photographer’s blog will also inspire you especially if you are looking for more ideas on how to create a stunning wedding shoot.

Schedule a Meeting or a Call

If you truly want to get to know your wedding photographer, you have to meet them in person. You can also call them on the phone or schedule a Zoom meeting. Taking a few minutes to get to know your photographer will let you know if you are on the same page. It will also lay the foundation for trust that you will need to be photographed at your best on your wedding day. Weddings bring memories that will only occur once. Being able to create quality photos is my hope as well as his passion.

Contact Me

If you’re planning a Yorkshire Wedding and are still deciding on a photographer then please get in touch.

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