How much does Wedding Photography Cost in Yorkshire?

How much does Wedding Photography Cost in Yorkshire?

Wedding photography can cost a lot, but you are paying for the experience and excellence of your photographer. Wedding photography can have a wide range of prices, just like any other service. It’s not uncommon to pay hundreds, even thousands of pounds for a North Yorkshire wedding photographer. You need to establish your budget and work out what works for you; it doesn’t need to cost tens of thousands of pounds. However, it is helpful to remember that photographers capture your wedding photos, and they are one of the only tangible reminders of your wedding day, so it is something where you want to make the right choices.

One of the reasons that wedding photography costs so much is because wedding photographers are professionals who provide a service and products. They have insurance, photography equipment costs, training, travel costs, computers, photo editing software, premises, and many other fixed costs just like a venue or any other professional service. They are there to capture the love story of their client, of your wedding day and provide you with photos that you can look back on and treasure for a lifetime.

What's the reason wedding photographers prices can be so high?

Often the reason that wedding photographers charge higher prices is the wedding photography packages that they offer. Many wedding photographers have packages that you can choose from. They usually include options such as; a second photographer, wedding albums, high-resolution digital photos, and an engagement shoot, which is why prices can vary. Remember that the wedding photographer’s costs start from the pre-wedding phone calls or client meetings and go on through your wedding day to the editing of the photos, which can take hours, and through to the selection of your album and the design process is involved in this.

If you find the perfect East Yorkshire wedding photographer outside of your budget, there may be a package they offer to suit your requirements. You should look to invest in the wedding photographer’s work as they have the experience and know-how to photograph your wedding whatever the venue or whatever the weather!


Why hire a professional wedding photographer?

A professional photographer’s wedding photography will capture the bride and groom in all their beauty on their wedding day. This will include photographing the bridal preparation and all of the little details, including the wedding flowers and wedding dress. They will then photograph the arrivals at the wedding ceremony location and capture those special moments and emotion as the bride walks down the aisle to be seen by her groom. Next, onto the group photos and photographing the wedding party and the special couples photos. Then on to the speeches and the candid photographs that provide some lovely memories for your family and friends. Some photographers even use special lighting techniques to capture magical Twilight photography photos like Abraham Photography does. All of this can mean an 8-hour wedding or even longer.

Wedding photographers have a lot of editing to do once a wedding is finished, sorting through the hundreds and thousands of photos they have taken to ensure there are no blinks or funny faces; or if it is to edit each photo to ensure that the style of photography remains consistent with the photographer’s brand.

Another question that you might have is "How do I lower wedding photography costs?

There are ways to lower the cost of a wedding photographer, but some of them are unnecessary. Cutting down on unnecessary wedding photography costs means cutting down on the number of photos, or the time the photographers will be there or even the album size or whether you get an album at all. If hiring a wedding photographer is less important to you then remember that you get what you pay for and you should consider how you will look back and remember those special moments from your wedding day.

You should be willing to invest in your wedding photography and it should be one of the priority considerations for your wedding. Even if you don’t think so now, consider looking back with your family in a few years time and being transformed back to that very special day and reliving all the precious memories again with your loved ones by your side. Flicking through your wedding album in five or ten years time, even 50 years time, should be a magical moment reminiscing your wedding day.

You are paying for the experience of your wedding photographers too, it is okay to pay a friend and they may do an okay job but they are not going to know the location or how to pose you and where to get the best photos. Your Hull wedding photographer should have lots of experience and training that will stand them in good stead to provide you with hundreds of wedding photos on your wedding day. Professional wedding photographers will have planned pre-wedding and be prepared for every eventuality on your wedding day, this might include; backup camera bodies, lenses, batteries, memory cards, they may even have a box of useful bits in case you forget some wedding day essentials.

Hiring the right Wedding Photographer is so important!

And finally, you should remember that wedding photography is very important to you and your wedding. Therefore, you should spend time considering your budget and who you want as the photographer for your wedding day. This way, you will have the most beautiful wedding celebration and your wedding photographer will capture some truly beautiful wedding photos of your wedding. Good luck in your search finding the right Yorkshire wedding photographer and if you like my work, please do get in touch with Abraham Photography, for your wedding photography needs. You can contact me at the link below.

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