What is Twilight Photography?

What is Twilight Photography?

My name is Abraham. I am a Hull-based wedding photographer covering North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire. I love wedding photography; during a full-day wedding, I love to get creative and produce unique Twilight photography. You might be asking the question, what is this, or maybe you want to find out a bit more. Well, more often than not, when a couple is looking to book me as their wedding photographer, I get asked the question about my stunning Twilight photography. It is one thing that draws couples to booking me to see the impact of these incredible photos. They look fantastic when printed large and displayed on walls or as a double-page spread in your albums.

I create Twilight photography when the light starts to drop (not necessarily pitch black) and maybe the sun is beginning to set. Golden hour is a term referred to by photographers when talking about the light produced by the sun an hour before sunset happens. At this point, I can get creative and capture those stunning couple portraits. Come rain or shine; there is always the opportunity to get outside as the light drops.

So how do I create these photographs? Well, I have attended several training courses in which I have learned some lighting techniques that allow me to utilize the scene’s ambient light. I can then add an off-camera flash to generally light the couple and create a WOW image that draws the viewer into the photo. I use Godox flashes as I feel these give me the flexibility and excellent lighting to make my scene special.

On your wedding day, I will generally set up the shots I want and then come and get you and take you outside for around 10/15 minutes to grab a few photos. I have to say these photos are generally the ones that the couples rave about and help show me off as a photographer, but they are not all I do. As you have seen from the photos on my website, I love to capture the story of your wedding day in a contemporary and natural way. This style helps me document your wedding day and create memories that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Some of the questions I get are; is Twilight photography included in my package? What if it is summer and sunset is later? And, what happens if it rains? Let me answer these now.

Firstly, I include Twilight photography in all of my full-day packages because I want to create magical photos for you to cherish, and I don’t feel the creative side of my photography should be an added extra. Each full-day package will receive a 10/15 minute session that will make use of your wedding venue, the sun setting, or a beautiful location on the venue’s grounds, often using fairy lights.

Secondly, it is summer, and let’s say, for example, that the sun sets at 9:30. Well, not all of my packages cover that time, don’t worry. As I mentioned, Golden hour is up to 1 hour before sunset, and in this time, the lighting does some magical and wondrous things, allowing me to capture the beauty of the scene and you, the couple. I don’t clock watch, so if I need to stay for a little while longer to get the shot, then I will. Alternatively, if you want it to be dark, you have the option to pay for extended coverage and get some great photos when the sun has set, and the sky is dark.

Finally, we can’t always predict the weather, and it may rain on your wedding day, or there may not be a sunset. I understand that this may be a concern, but it does not stop me from getting creative. If you are willing to embrace the elements and venture outdoors with an umbrella, we can capture some fantastic photos still utilizing those lighting techniques. These usually create some magical images.

I hope all of this helps show you what Twilight photography is and answer a few questions you may have. I love creating these unforgettable photos and enjoy seeing my couples smile and get all emotional when they see them. Your wedding day is the most special day of your life; let me create those magical memories that allow you to cherish them for a lifetime. Please do get in contact to discuss your wedding day or request my brochure by clicking the button below.

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