Planning Weddings During a Pandemic

Planning Weddings During a Pandemic

As we enter the third lockdown in England and see weddings and many other things once again stopped, it has become so difficult for couples who are planning weddings during a pandemic and suppliers in the industry to continue with all the postponements and uncertainty. I know the decisions made are right and support them, but I do feel for everyone who has been affected by this over the past year and now into the start of 2021. There is the silver lining on the horizon with the vaccine rollout, which will hopefully allow life to get back to some normality without the cloud of restrictions. However, until that day, I want you to know that I am here to chat and give you any support you need.

Besides my business as a Hull & Yorkshire wedding photographer, I have personally been affected by lockdown restrictions. Two of my good friend’s wedding plans had to change in light of lockdown and restrictions dramatically. One of my best friend’s wedding was planned for last summer to have over 200 guests in attendance. Unfortunately, it had to be dramatically trimmed down to just 30 family and close friends. Thankfully they were able to get married, maybe not as planned but as they wished. They are now happily married, and it was a joy to be part of their wedding day as their photographer. It was actually a charming wedding, and we got to go down to the beach and spend some time capturing some lovely photos.

Another good friend’s wedding was planned to take place in January 2021, in the next couple of weeks! That has now had to be postponed, and they are disappointed as they had planned with all the restrictions in place. Although I understand the restrictions and limited numbers, it has been made hard for couples that actually want to get married to plan.

Finally another wedding I know that was planned to take place 5 days after the first lockdown had to be postponed. However, the couple wanted to get married as soon as they could and even wrote to their local MP and the Prime Minister to ask for permission to allow them to do so. Sadly, this was not listened to, and they had to wait another 98 days after their original wedding date to tie the knot finally. I guess my point is everyone is different in getting married and how they want to do it, but there is so much uncertainty around that it makes it so unsettling for everyone.

Sadly, I have had many couples postponing their weddings in 2020 and now going into 2021; it makes things so uncertain for weddings planned this year, knowing what numbers will be allowed and what restrictions will be in place. If a wedding needs to be postponed, the question is, are all my suppliers available for my new date and how many of my friends and family can attend.

I want to say that I am with you and will support you in the coming days for my wedding couples. I know it is not your fault that this virus has caused your plans to change and so I will happily move you to date to a date we can both do, and if I can’t do a new date, I am fair, and I would not expect you still to pay for your wedding photography. That goes for any new couples too so you can book your wedding with me in confidence.

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I am sure you might have some worry about handing over money, so let me address that. I ask for a £200 deposit to book your wedding, and some of that goes towards admin costs, but the remainder of your balance is not due till 2 months before your wedding. So your hard-earned money can stay in your account till the last minute. I am grateful that I am in an excellent position, and I have managed through this pandemic. I will continue to be ok as my business has been managed well and has reserves. I understand that not everyone is in a similar position to me, though, and my thoughts go out to them at this difficult time, so check and do research before making any decisions. So I hope this gives you the confidence to book your wedding and me as your photographer.

I am sure that you still want your big day to go ahead as originally planned with all your family and friends in attendance. I really hope that is the case for you and that you don’t have to postpone further or limit numbers, so keep pressing on with hope, and I’ll be here to chat or offer support if needed.

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