Why have an Engagement Photoshoot?

Why have an Engagement Photoshoot?

The day is nearing, and the plans are in place, maybe you have booked your wedding photographer, or maybe you are still in the process of deciding who to choose. Well, one thing to consider is adding an engagement photoshoot to your package or booking this before you book your wedding photography. I think it is a great idea as it is the perfect way to get a feel for a photographer’s style and personality. Obviously, you don’t have to book one of these sessions, but here are my top reasons why I would encourage you to consider an engagement photoshoot.

We get to know each other

Firstly we head off to your choosen location, usually near my studio in Hull, East Yorkshire. Still, I am delighted to travel further afield and often travel into North Yorkshire. This allows you to get to know me, your wedding photographer. As we get to know one another, it is beneficial for us to connect with one another’s personalities and I can really photograph your love as a couple in the perfect way. At an engagement photoshoot, I learn a little bit about your preferences, likes and dislikes, what you feel comfortable doing in front of a camera. All of this helps your wedding day run smoothly and your photography on the day to be natural.

Helps you feel comfortable in front of a camera

You might not be used to being in front of the camera, and in the spotlight, that is ok, of course. However, on your wedding day, you might have lots of cameras around, and it is important to capture all of the magical moments without any awkwardness. An engagement photoshoot allows a photographer to see your personality and allows them not to make you do lots of awkward posing or even any posing at all! As I take photos of you at a location of your choice, we chat, laugh, and all this helps you get to know me and trust me so that on your wedding day you can focus on the importance of the day and I can focus on capturing the full story of it.

Tell more of your story as a couple

Although your wedding day is significant and you want it captured in full, it is not the full story as a couple. Think about how you dress, 99% of the time you will not be suited and booted or wearing a beautiful dress. This is especially true when you go out for a walk or play a board game, you’re just natural, and you are just you. So we just visit a local park or wood or even a farm, and I take photos of you in your everyday clothes and naturally capture your love.

Time to get creative and be relaxed

Often on your wedding day, there are many time constraints, and you can end up feeling your day has been rushed. These engagement photoshoot sessions are relaxed and allow me to get creative and capture some really amazing photos without a wedding planner telling us how long we have left. I especially love the opportunity to get out around sunset and really see the light change during your session. The photos at sunset can often be magical and special memories and perfect for displaying your walls or in a beautiful album.

Creating beautiful memories

The engagement photoshoot provides all of the above reasons, but it also allows us to produce some natural photos as you enjoy time together as a couple. Although I will chat to you about where to go and what to do, I try to ensure that your interaction together is how you would normally be as a couple. That natural element is so important in our session as it is on your wedding day.

Your engagement photoshoot includes all of your photos supplied as a high-resolution digital download, and you also have the option to buy prints or add a signature frame which can be used for your guests to sign at your wedding. You may have read this, and it hasn’t changed your mind, and that is absolutely fine. Whether you have an engagement shoot with me or not, I do chat to you through the whole process of your wedding booking, and I do get to know you as a couple as we meet up to chat about your wedding day.

Please do contact me for further information.

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