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Want to Get Married at Grantley Hall?

Grantley Hall is a five-star hotel and wellness retreat located in Yorkshire, England. The luxury hotel and spa offer several amenities that will make your Grantley Hall wedding day one to cherish for the rest of your life. My name is Abraham and I am a Grantley Hall wedding photographer. Wedding photography is my speciality and Grantley Hall has many scenic views that will make your wedding photos unique.

Grantley Hall wedding photography allows a bride and groom to use many exquisite backdrops for their wedding portraits. As a wedding venue, the Hall has everything a couple will need to create the perfect atmosphere for their civil ceremony. Located in Ripon, North Yorkshire, the beautiful Yorkshire Dales surround the property. The formal gardens complete the outdoor setting, providing gorgeous scenic views in every direction. When you want a luxury wedding venue, Grantley Hall fills the bill on every level.

The History of Grantley Hall in Yorkshire

Near the end of the 17th century, Thomas Norton built Grantly Hall as his family home. After inheriting the property from his grandfather, Fletcher Norton eventually transitioned the smaller residence into a grand country manor. Much of what you see today, was added by Fletcher during that time. Rooms that are now home to the Morning Room and Norton Bar were added. Over the next three centuries, more expansions took place, including the extravagant East Wing and what is now the Reception Foyer.

Today, Valeria Sykes owns Grantley Hall. Three generations of her family have helped to renovate and restore the grand country home. The family has worked diligently to bring her vision of a five-star hotel and wellness retreat to life. The wedding venue offers 47 rooms and suites and five of the finest restaurants in the UK under one roof. For the toast on your special day, serve Valeria’s champagne. It is her pride and joy!

Grantley Hall Weddings and Events

As a first-time visitor to Grantley Hall, the stunning Palladian architecture will grab your attention. The stately country home is beautiful on the outside and even more exquisite inside. Once you choose the rooms for your bridal preparation, you can start to explore the rest of the property. You can choose to have your wedding breakfast in the formal gardens and invite your guests to the cocktail bar. Your big day is all about you and what makes you feel special!

You have waited a long time to plan your wedding. Take your time and make sure everything is as you want it. Walk through the grounds to find the perfect place for your wedding shoot. Choose multiple areas of the property if you like. Once the ceremony is over, you will have the rest of the day to enjoy yourself and celebrate with your friends and family. If you are looking for suggestions, check out my blog on my Abraham Photography website.

Abraham Photography Is Your Grantley Hall Wedding Photographer

I’m proud to be the owner of Abraham Photography. I have spent several years honing my wedding photography skills and earning a reputation based on quality service as a Grantley Hall wedding photographer. I try to go above and beyond my client’s expectations. Your wedding day only happens once. It is up to me to be able to capture every candid moment and set the stage for breathtaking portraits.

Grantley Hall is known for its beautiful architecture and stunning interior. The Orchard, Eighty-Eight, and Shaun Rankin offer food and cocktails, they also offer exquisite backdrops for many candid shots. Even the Elite Gym and Three Graces Spa can be used. As a luxury hotel and spa, Grantley Hall is indeed one-of-a-kind and provides everything a bride and groom could ever desire when planning their special day. As a wedding photographer, it is a dream come true!

Where is Grantley Hall located?

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