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History of The Walled Gardens

I recently had the pleasure of photographing a wedding in Nottingham at The Walled Gardens. The 135 acres of land hides a beautiful secret garden behind the country house.

A heritage estate that dates back to 1837, which still looks timeless and beautiful today. The garden was restored in 2011 and prominently displays its former glory as a stunning backdrop of a wedding. It is an exclusive venue in the heart of Nottingham. Here you are able to really make the day your own and allow me to capture some truly unique photos using the natural beauty of the site. Originally named the Belle Vue Estate, the manor house was built in 1837 with its first recorded wedding in 1865. The hospitality at the estate is a family affair, dating back three generations. If you would like me to capture your Walled Garden Beeston Fields Wedding Photography, you can view my pricing below: 


Weddings at The Walled Gardens

The site has three locations for you to say ‘I Do’ before the drinks flow. The Loggia, the old greenhouse now converted to boost beautiful roses; the bandstand giving you and your guests a 360 degree view of the gardens and the marquee should the English weather decide to misbehave. However, even if there’s rain on your day, I can capture stunning pictures of you using lighting techniques on the site and strategic positioning of the site’s architecture. 

There is plenty of parking and ample space from the walled garden to the event marquee, to the spacious lawn perfect for a game of cricket in the late afternoon sun. The Walled Gardens also offer a dedicated wedding planner to help ensure that your day runs smoothly. 

I was able to take some stunning photos of the Bride and Groom throughout the day, as well as their bridal party and family. I find taking candid shots of the couple makes for beautiful photos to cherish as you look back on your wedding day. With me, you can have safe knowledge that I will capture the magical moments on your wedding day.


Your Walled Garden Beeston Fields Wedding Photography

The Walled Gardens are a popular wedding venue and it isn’t hard to see why. The day was met with beautiful weather, which helped to produce some stunning photos. As the day drew to an end, I took the couple away from the merriment to capture some pictures of them in the twilight. I find that these photos are full of love and adoring looks as you finally get some time together. These shoots are a unique way of capturing the two of you in the bliss of the wedding day. It always amazes me how much emotion and feeling can be captured in a silhouette against a beautiful sunset. I love to include these signature  pictures in your collection. You can see my portfolio or look at my blog on Twilight Photography.

As a North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer , I personally love candid photography and will spend roughly 80% of the day capturing the spontaneous and natural moments.I found that at the Walled Gardens, candid photos were so easy to take as the backdrop of any picture was bound to be beautiful. You can look at some of the reasons why I shoot candid moments on my blog Candid Photography


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If you are looking for a wedding photographer then why not give me a call to discuss your requirements or on 07833447838. I’ve very happy to sit down and have a cuppa or coffee with you to chat about your plans for your wedding day and how I can be involved. You can view my pricing page by clicking the button below.

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There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the amount you should spend on a wedding photographer will vary depending on your couple’s specific needs and preferences. However, a reasonable estimate for wedding photography costs in the UK would range from £1,000 to £2,500. This amount may change depending on the location, type of photography ( posed or candid ), and number of photos that are taken. It is also important to remember that these are just estimates – costs may actually be higher or lower depending on your specific needs and circumstances. It is a good idea to chat with a wedding photographer before making any final decisions about budgeting. Let me know if you have any questions.


Seven hours of coverage is generally not enough to document a full wedding day in North Yorkshire. Most wedding ceremonies are 1 pm or 2 pm which means the wedding photographer would start bridal preparations around 11am. If the cutting of the cake and first dance is 8pm, then you would need 10 hours of coverage for the day.


Hiring a wedding photographer is a worthwhile investment with 87% of UK couples choosing to hire a professional. It’s an ideal way to preserve memories of one of the most important days of their lives. You’ll get high-quality images that capture a wedding day’s special moments, emotions, and details. Take a look at my wedding portfolio to see images from previous weddings.


I know that you’re going to be really eager to get your photos back. Not to worry, I expedite the process to get the photos to you. It takes a little bit of time to sort through the photos and get rid of pictures where people are blinking that you don’t want to see. Additionally, I fully edit each picture to ensure my style remains consistent. With that being said, you can expect to see your photos within 3 to 4 weeks of your wedding but it can usually be faster than that.

Remember, you can’t rush perfection!


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