Real Wedding – Holly & Ricky at The Barns East Yorkshire

Today’s Real Wedding blog is written by Holly, who married Ricky at The Barns East Yorkshire. It was a privilege to be their East Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, and I’m delighted has written a blog about their special day at a lovely little venue just outside of Hull.

Our wedding at The Barns, East Yorkshire.

I never really thought much about planning a wedding, and then Ricky asked me to marry him. Things soon changed, and we couldn’t wait to start planning our dream wedding. I looked into a few venues and showed Ricky them, narrowing them down to ones we would look around. It’s a girl’s dream come true, really, getting to look around fancy places and fantasise about the wedding she and her soon-to-be husband would have.  

I decided to visit a venue with my mum and sister one day while Ricky was at work. It was a lovely stately home, but we all realised this type of venue wasn’t right for us after being there a short time. But luckily, this is how we happened to meet our amazing caterers Tastes Divine. We clicked straight away, and after discussing food options and seeing pictures of all their food options, I couldn’t wait to tell Ricky all about them.  

After talking to Karen from Tastes Divine about our budget and what kind of wedding we would like, she had a venue in mind which she thought would be great for us. We made plans to visit this venue. It was called The Barns, East Yorkshire. The venue was new at the time and only had a few weddings booked in at the time. When we arrived, we had an excellent feeling about the place. We met Ed and Kate, the owners, and they started the tour. A lot had to be left to the imagination as the venue still had lots to be done before it would be ready for a wedding. But that didn’t matter to us because we could see past all of that and see the venue for what it was; our perfect wedding venue. 


Once we had our venue, our wedding planner, Andrea, a family friend, came on board to help find more suppliers for the wedding. Andrea found us, Sarah, at Bloom & Gray, to supply our wedding flowers. Sarah was great, and although she was on holiday on our wedding day, she organised for Andrea to pick all our beautiful flowers herself the day before the wedding. Andrea also did all our bouquets with beautiful, colourful wildflowers. They were perfect.  

Andrea also helped us find ‘The Big Fizz’ for our wedding bar. It’s a quirky, renovated horsebox housing all the alcohol and soft drinks we needed for the day. A friendly bar team listened to what drinks we wanted to serve on the day, and it was a beautiful set up that fitted perfectly with our theme. 

Our cakemaker was easy to pick, as Amy from Sugar Bowl made my sister’s wedding cake too. We asked Amy for a three-tier cake with a buttercream finish and is decorated with a cake topper and fresh flowers. We chose vanilla, my favourite cake flavour, chocolate, Ricky’s favourite and zesty lemon for the last tier. Not only did it look amazing, but it tasted delicious. We also struggled to decide what wedding favours we wanted but had once seen some iced heart biscuits that would go great with our theme. We asked if Amy could also make these for us, and she delivered once again! 

After our discussions with Tastes Divine, we decided on a posh picnic for the day, with lots of meats, bread, paté and an assiette of desserts. Karen had a brilliant idea where we pretended that a handful of guests would have to chip in and help make the food due to us running out of money. So, off the chosen guests went with chef hats and aprons ready to help out, soon to arrive back with a giant wicker picnic basket. These baskets were placed on hay bales around the barn, and the nearly-appointed chefs dished out all the lovely food to our guests. We wanted things a little more casual as a posh sit-down dinner just wasn’t really us. Tastes Divine helped us create the perfect atmosphere and provided us with the most delicious food. 

Picking a photographer was also easy; not only had they done my sister’s wedding, but they were a family friend. Abraham at Abraham Photography was so easy to talk to from start to finish. He understood what we wanted from the day, certain photos that were a must, and we were happy to have some fun also. Abraham and Chris were great on the day and blended in well, getting all the perfect shots, and had fun with us all. They definitely weren’t afraid of doing all sorts of angles for the perfect shot. One of our favourite shots is just Ricky and me, who stood in a field, with the sun setting behind us. He even uploaded a slide show to a tv, ready for our evening do, so we already got to see shots from earlier in the day! Amazing! The bridal party stayed at Cave Castle the night before the wedding as it was close to the venue. Plus, it was a great place for us to have a few snaps done, especially in the beautiful rooms. The grounds are perfect for a few shots too.

The day before the wedding, Andrea, my dad, and my sister helped set up decorations ready for the big day. We had lots of bits my dad had made for us to make everything more personal, like beautiful chandeliers, a photo booth where we would pose in ornate photo frames with a Chesterfield and other props, lots of outdoor games, H&R’s in various sizes, table numbers, place names; the list goes on. We even had the chance to make s’mores on an open fire in the evening. Yum! 

On the day, everything was just perfect; we loved every minute of it.  

Thanks, Holly, for sharing your day and all the planning involved in your wedding.

The Barns East Yorkshire is a delightful little venue run by Ed and Kate; they love weddings and have really made the Barns into a wonderful wedding location. I’m excited to get back and photograph there later this year and see all the amazing changes they have made. If you are getting married at the Barns East Yorkshire or anywhere else, and are looking for a Hull Wedding Photographer then please contact me to discuss your wedding photography.

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